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my photographs

I stumbled upon Brian's stall 2 weeks ago at the African market in Corralejo. A nicer man you couldn't wish to meet and, I was blown away by his work. He complimented my interpretations of his work and was very patient whilst I constantly umm'd and aah'd over which pieces to buy. I sent the 2 smaller pics the pods and the fisherman to my brother in the North East as he's just moved into a new pad, I've kept Fire and Ice a magnificant picture and study it constantly. Please spread the gospel about this gentleman's work, he is gifted but not only that a terrific chap to boot.
Heso Infante Jima-Otero

american star

Hi Brian
to let you know that since we arrived back in U.K. the people who have seen your work are most impressed and although it is in a temporary frame we are sure it will continue to make people stop and stare. It was a pleasure meeting you and is our intention to add more of your art to our walls in the future. Thanks Brian......Wardy

Beautifull Fuerteventura

This summer we bought a house in Fuerteventura. The moment we saw your pictures at the market in Corralejo, we both found them so very Fuerteventura, the way we feel it reflective in your pictures.
Thank you!
Hans & José Wiebes


Just a note to say what a pleasure it was to deal with you and how satisfied we are with our photographs! My mum and I have been travelling regularly to the canaries for the past 10 years and have never found anything of such high quality and beauty to keep as a momento of our travels. We bought '1742' and 'Millennia' and our absolutely delighted with them. We were particularly impressed by Brian's obvious passion for his work and how he was dedicated to ensuring we picked the photographs which 'sang to us' personally. Thank you for giving us a little gem of pleasure that will last forever.

Cathy and Julie
Cathy Hartley

meeting you

We met you at the market in Correlejo and bought a photograph. We are just admiring your stunning gallery and look forward to buying another photograph in September
(The flights are booked)
Regards, hope you are well
kevin & sue stark

Portrait of a Lady,

Hi there we bought this photo from you along with two others two years ago and we are still enjoying them. Hope you work and sales are going well. every success for the future
John Cattermole


We were on holiday in January and discovered Brian & his superb work. (We lingered a long time!) His passion for his work is truly reflected in the pictures he produces; stunning! My partner James particularly liked "Tefia" & I intended to return to buy it as a suprise. Our time went quickly & alas I never got back to Brian. On our return to UK I e-mailed him; he so kindly sent our photo; promptly & marvellously packaged, & today I gave it to James for Valentines; he was sooooo pleased! Thank you Brian, you are one of life's rare gems.. : )
Lisa Partridge


Hi Brian
Just arrived back home Wednesday 6th Feb after 28 days on the beautiful island of Fuerte. We purchased a copy of the photograph "Mused" which we managed to get home safely. We purchased it for my sister as we explained to you at the corralejo market, we hope to return for another month next January and we will visit your stall again as we did many times this year and we will probably buy another piece for ourselves. Thank's for letting us enjoy your collection of wonderful photograph's and we look forward to seeing you next year.


Geoff and Lynn
Geoff Duckworth

Bertie & Naomis Presents

Hi Brian just to let you know Bertie & Naomi were absolutely delighted with the photographs. A terriffic 30th birthday celebration was had by all on our favourite island ..Fuerte! Our visits to you at El Campanario on Sundays are a pleasure just to know that someone with your wonderful talent loves the island makes it an even more special place to visit and understand its beauty. Look forward to seeing your display in March.
Philip & Lila

two lovely pictures

The two pictures we bought from Brian now have pride of place in our home. We bought one whilst on holiday and one later by post. Apart from the wonderful pictures the service we got on the mail order was first class. Wonderful picture, a friendly helpful man and brilliant service. Why can't everything work like this? Thanks Brian
Kevin Crane

SS America Star, Tefia, The Crucible

Hi Brian Just wanted to say thank you, pictures are home safe,
It was a pleasure to meet you, to find some truly exceptional pictures; there was not a single picture of yours that I would not have enjoyed owning and having in my home.
It was a delight listening to you talking so passionately and very knowledgably about your art.
I will defiantly be buying more the quality and subjects are superb, keep up the great work.
Dave and Andrea
david baker

Well hello Brian

Hi Brian, having bought our photographs back in January this year (2012) I guess it's about time we registered them so just done that today.
We'd both like to say that our first visit to your stall was friendly, relaxed and informative. When we walked away after taking up a good hour of your time we both decided we would be coming back to see which of the magnificent pieces of creativeness we would be taking back with us. We were flattered when we approached your stall for the second time nearly two weeks later to be greeted with: "well hello tony and viv".
We thoroughly enjoyed the time spent discussing you, us, the island and of course the selection of art we were going to display prominantly back at home in England.
Thank you for your time, we both gained some valuable understanding of what goes into your work and also the meaning of patience and interpretation. We can both see why you art is so widely appreciated.
Hope to see you again soon. Kind regards, Tony and Viv
Tony + Viv Gordon

Capture of time...for timeless moments

Hi Brian, I wish to congratulate you (again) for your amazing pictures. Many of them make me feel to keep quiet and just absorb what's on the print. One might forget time...
Michel Robeers

fire & ice & birds

Brian, just thought i would let no how i got on with the Birds print i bought from you last september for my husband Harry , he loved it , we have framed it also the fire & ice one we bought the year before for our silver wedding they both take pride of place in our lounge .many thanks Brian and keep up the fantastic work. Christine.
Christine Bartley


Hi Brian,just like to say thanks for delivering the pictures to our home now and the pictures are looking great.look forward to seeing you in the future, Paula&dave.north wales......
dave white


Yay! Our 'Pool' photo and the other photos my family bought, are finally framed and ready to hang. Brian your photos really 'spoke' to me that day in Corralejo Market and I'm looking forward to adding to our collection.
Thank you for you talent and vision
Pippa Bamford


My family and I had the pleasure of stumbling across Brian's stall at El Campanario in Corralejo some weeks back.

We were so very impressed with Brian's knowledge and his willingness to share this and also with his patience in assisting us with such a difficult choice (deciding on just 3 of so many brilliant images is tough,,, believe me!)

Brian's pledges to quality and after care are second to none and we feel we received a fantastic personalised service.

We now have 3 beautiful reminders of what has become our 'home from home' which should keep us going until we can make it back.

Thanks Brian and all the best from Simon and family.
Simon Pashley

Thank you

Hi Brain, Greg and I have finally decorated our hall, stairs and landing! We decided on very plain colours as we wanted your photo's to stand out as much as possible. We have got three pictures on each side of the stairs and they look wonderful and bright, they light the place up! I now have a firm favourite which is Fire and Ice. Every time I go upstairs I get a little reminder of the wonderful place I love most, Fuerteventura. So thank you for the care and dedication you put into every picture you take, I love them all!
Alison Cain


Best 20 I've ever nicked from Henry

Andrea & Henry, Newcastle 2012

pods fire&ice millenia

hi brian i recently had the three photographs we bought from you in correlejo we have them in our bathroom its so relaxing lying in the bath and looking into these amazing photographs and dreaming i also enjoyed that chat i had with you about taking up photography as a hobby so i have bought my self a canon 1100D so i will let you know how iam getting on in when i get out and about with it
thanks again for your help and info
tam love


Hi Brian it was a pleasure meeting you last week, you have great passion for your work and it comes across as you explain the images you have captured.
I cant wait to get my Fire and Ice framed, I know it will bring back wonderful memories of my holiday in F
Margaret Miskelly

photo's of course

Dear Brian,
We enjoyed meeting you. Your Photo reminds us of a nice vacation, and inspires me to learn more about photography..
Maria & Pieter Brouwers

Excellent Pictures

Just wanted to say thank you for your advise when we met you at correleja market in May. The 3 pictures Fire and Ice, Los Lobos and The Journey Home look fantastic in our home. It was great to meet someone with so much passion for their work, look forward to purchasing more quality pictures in the future.
Mark Prior

Thanks again

Hi Brian, its your Scottish stalkers here. Thanks again for taking so much time to explain your photos etc. I'm going to hang your three photos over the next couple of weeks and will send you a pic of them in pride of place.
Greg Mitchell

honeymoon treats

ive got to say brian we love the pictures,cant stop showing them off to the family and friends. we have now lived in this house for 2yrs and have struggled to find any art work to go on the walls. we have been holding out for that something special and now we got it. hope to meet again so keep up the good work cos i got lots of empty walls!
ta very much kev and toni
kev and toni

6 so far, and counting

Hey Brian,
Thanks for the latest 5 shots in my collection, espescially the previously undisplayed work. Lobos is going up in the kitchen tonight. The wee planets have a spot allocated, all I need is the frames, and they will most likely cause a talking point as people admire and get to grips with them. Keen also to see the others of this type, and wonder if a shot of both the Almas and Olsen ferries would work. See you in 20 weeks for kinto! Greg
Greg Cain

Photos and holiday

Hi Brian
Bumped into you last week at the market in Corralejo and saw you pictures. Absolutely stunning! We did the route down south as you suggested and I got some great pictures. Your photo 'Pod' on step beach is awesome, the colours are perfect. Thanks again for the information!
David Bond

'Fire & Ice' & 'Spiders from Mars'

Last year I was blown away by 'Fire & Ice' and just kept coming back to your stand time and again to look at it. When Paul & I agreed to buy one I wasn't sure which to chose, but your advice about going for the one which 'makes your heart sing' was just right. It give us and our guests so much pleasure.

This year I told you we weren't going to buy a photo, but just wanted to see your latest work. You put no pressure on to buy, when you could see that again I'd lost my heart to another one of your fantastic photos, so ended up buying the largest size of 'Spiders from Mars', with which we're thrilled. You have so much passion and integrity. We appreciate you and your work so much. It's the highlight of our time in Corralejo!
Paul & Meg Wraight


Bill and I back from F. with our copy of your photo Pool. Will always treasure it. Enjoyed the technical, and enlightening talks. Thanks R and B
Rosemary Wallis

Thank you

We have three pictures (Millenia, Pons, Heavens Gate) of Fuerte and are looking forward to frame them and see them in our living room! Thank you Brian for your great work
Chris and Birgit

Amazing pictures

Thank you for taking your time and explaining your beautiful pictures, you have the talent to bring on film the true beauty of the island. (I'm still planning to get the green stones for our home :-)
Mojca and Marko

meeting on the market

hi saw you whilst on holiday in fuerte thought your photos were great ,, went to cotillo next day your subject matter is amazing will be in touch ,, i think you should start a photo school i would be happy to help !!
christopher roberts

Fire and Ice

It was a pleasure to meet you Brian and your work is truely outstanding. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and make our picture have so many fond memories of our holiday. We just cant decide where to hang it!! Thanks again, hope to find you again one day...The Belshaws xx
Lianne, Ryan and Max Belshaw


great to meet you at last Friday's market in correlejo, we are so pleased with the three prints we purchased, and can't wait to get them framed and up on the wall. It was a pleasure to meet such a dedicated guy in love with his work, you had time to explain your work and your passion for your subject shone through, hope you have a great winter taking photo's, and remember any time you want to swop jobs just get in contact. Hope to meet up with you again one day, best wishes Neil & Judy
Neil & Judy


so nice to meet up with you again and to see your new selection of superb photographs.delighted with our recent purchases which will soon be at the framers,continued success and hope to see you in the near future again. best wishes brenda & michael ,LEEDS
brenda & michael booth


Hi Brian
Its the 2 indecisive girls here from ballymena. The picture went down a treat. Mammy loves it and is at present looking for the perfect spot to place it in her house. We have bragged about it to everyone and anyone who will listen and have passed your website details also. Hopefully we'll buy from you soon again. Thanks again.
Martina & Sinead
Martina & Sinead

Pods +3

Thank you Brian for all your help in allowing us to take back something that will always remind us of our great holiday in Corralejo. We still feel the same way every-time we look at your work and have had loads of great comments too. All the best for the future.
Steve, Mel, Rhiana and Isla

Portrait Of A Lady

Hello Brian, your "Portrait Of A Lady" got a place in my office. I'm home for a few days now and I am still confinced that I made the right choise. What a great shot it is! CU.
Ruud Vaessen


Hi Brian - great to catch up once again. Glad to see that "Grapes" has made it onto your homepage - and our version made it home very safely last weekend.

Hope you get a chance to take a look at the websites we discussed (I can let you have the links again if you need them), and hope to catch up again around the end of the year.
Steve & Jacqui Hayden

Brilliant bloke, brilliant images

Thanks, Brian for taking the time to discuss your work and putting up with me and the family deciding which prints to buy !! Look forward to hopefully seeing you again in 2012. Keep up the excellent work and quailty. Cheers, The Harrison family
Harry, Dee, Siobhan & Samuel

fantastic pictures

Fantastic pictures I will enjoy them for a long time to come just got to fined space for them in my room James Roff
James Roff


Have just arrived back in England and looking at the photograph we bought from you has made me very homesick for Fuerteventura! Thank you for such a lovely picture.
Sue Lacey

Seascapes Fuertaventura

Clearly the best images I have viewed whilst on Holiday. Brian fully captured the light and his images are simply stunning. such a nice guy.
Kirth Ferris


Brian, Thank you for your time and delivering the photos to us at our hotel. We have them at home now and are overjoyed at the quality of the pictures. Your philosophy on taking pictures is very artistic and creative, you were an inspiration to meet. Cheers. Jon, Bex and little Isabelle.
Jonathan Northey

Photo - Fire & Ice

What amazing photography ! thanks ever so much for the time you took explaining the passion behind your images. Your shots really encapsulate this. Your shot will be finally be on our wall next week after framing.
Thanks again and hope to see you again next year.
Scott , Kelly & Niamh
Scott & Kelly Mirfield


Once again Brian thankyou.
One of the best parts of our holiday is visiting you and viewing yet more of your stunning photography.
You always have time or should I say you always make time for each and every person you meet.
You are a true artist both of the heart and the spirit which is captured in the amazing quality of your work
Marilyn and Iain Fraser

Greetings from the Northseaisle F?

Dear Brian, we've travelled back home and we would say : many thanks for your wonderfull Pictures, we enjoy them every day.We life every day in great memory of our holiday and we hope we'll see you again by our next visit on this beautiful island.
Many Greetings from
Dierk & Petra
Dierk & Petra Clausen


Just to say a huge thank you for my stunning piece of photography. It looks absolutely beautiful in my lounge. Tina
Tina Sparrow

'Stripped ' 'Infinity Pool' 'Fire and Ice' 'Spiders from Mars'

I told you that Stripped had my name on it and it now hangs is a stunning silvered frame in our bedroom. The others were bought to hang on the stairs in our guest house - but they have not made it there as they also hang in our bedroom - such memories. Even the girls that framed the pictures were affected by the simplicity and beauty of 'Stripped'. We will show the pictures to anyone we can. Keep it up and we hope to see your new work in 2011 when we come out again.
Lesely and Ian Brant

amazing photography

Hi Brian, we really love the selection of photographs we purchased from you, after much deliberation! The colours, lighting and atmosphere within them are amazing. No doubt we will see you again on our next visit to Fuerteventura.
Helen and Ian

The Journey Home

It was so lovely to meet you during our holiday in December , I feel very fortunate to now have ' The Journey Home ' on my wall , it's a lovely way to remember a peaceful holiday .
Great Work ! My sister who we also brought one home for loves it .
Thanks Alex & Maureen
Maureen & Alex


Hi Brian
The 3 photos I have are stunning!
They leave me with great memories of my
holiday and of the beautiful island.
The quality is superb.
Many thanks for these and all the best for 2010!
Vanessa Coleman

Poland miss you

Dear Brian, we are very happy that the last day of our vacations in Fuerteventura we met you.
Your photos had made a furore here in Poland. Everybody who had seen them were shocked and very impressed. Thank you so much for your pictures, they are unbelievably beautiful. The lady who was making frames for them was absolutely shocked.
Greetings from Poland and Thanks again for Your Art.
Svetlana Ksheminska

Our Picture

What a wonderful picture. It's a great memory of our holiday. Every morning we wake up to a 'postcard from the edge', a picture of unforgettable Fuerteventura
Full of beauty and simplicity.
Thank you Brian.
Mr and Mrs Paul


I have now had my pictures framed ; they are amazing. I will spread the word about your work.
carol cooper


Since the time we had fixed your photographs on on the wall in our living-room we know, that we finaly have found, what we had missed in our home,
thank you for your creativity,
see you, Juergen and Bärbel
Bärbel and Juergen Weichselbaum


Hi Brian Photograph travelled well and now has pride of place on our lounge wall.

it has been greatly admired and we have given you email address to friends. Hope it gives you some business. Many thanks again for this lovely photo which will warm our winter in UK
Etta & Richard Gray

Heavenly pictures

The essence of spirituality caught on camera.
Thankyou Brian for your kind gift . As I sit here in the middle of a Scottish storm with High Winds and pouring rain I look at my pictures and remember................
Marilyn and Iain Fraser

"Nada Mas"

Brian the large Nada Mas looks great and we can almost walk into the picture.We have been admiring your photographs and buying them over the last 3 years or so and have enjoyed watching you get better and better!! Its great that you take the time to explain how you get to see the final image, it means so much more than going to buy something off the shelf.You have managed to create a little bit of Fuerte here in Liverpool.
Many thanks & see you soon
Keith & Margy
Keith & Margy

web site

truly inspirational
jim garside


INFINITY photograph returned from framing,delighted with result ,black edged frame sets it off to its best
regards,brenda & michael,leeds.
brenda & michael

Thanks for the memory

... we bought the SS American Star from you back in September.. I showed it to my pal Peter Andre and he is planning to come over to see you in November! seriously... thanks for creating what seems now like a distant memory through your art.. we are now reminded of Fuerteventura every time we have a bath as it has taken pride next to my Grammy, Academy Award and Oscar for my role as Best Supporting Beam in Titanic.. keep up the good work sir!
best wishes Albert & Soraya, Derbyshire

Fire and Ice

Hi Brian,

I hope you are all okay and your photography is doing really well. I love the picture I got from you at the summer its in my bedroom love it. Thanks again. see you soon.
Sophie Wilson

Hi Brian

Thanks for the e-mail. The picture arrived safely yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home from work. Both myself and Sarah are delighted with it and we think it looks fab in the larger size. Thanks for all your efforts wrapping it etc. We're hoping to get some smaller pictures from you again so will probably be in touch with you nearer Christmas.

Wishing you good health and continued success.
Gavin & Sarah.

alisons birthday surprise

hello brian
greetings from cloudy leeds,alison was thrilled with her surprise birthday present on monday of fire and ice ,the surprise had the required effect .all photographs now at framers,
best wishes ,brenda and michael.
brenda booth (leeds)


What a charming man.delighted with the photograph of Infinity Pool purchased sept 2009,wishing you every success.
brenda booth



Thanks Brian

Just got home and off straight out to buy frames for your great shots of the American Star, brought back a lot of good memories from our early days in the Tura. Cant wait to buy more from you soon and hope to catch up with you next year. Best photos we have seen of the remote and wonderful parts of the island.
Stacy & Nicola Baker

American Star - Plus 3

Your photograph of the 'American Star' is replacing Dave's affection for narrowboats (I hope) it has now replaced 'Cadbury on the Regent's Canal' (thankfully). The other 3 photographs now adorn our stairway so the tranquility of Fuerte is now visited every night on our way to bed. Can't wait to return to the island we love.
Carol & Dave Fowler

You lift my spirits

Brian, what can I say - your photographs are so inspirational that whenever I wish I was back in Fuerte I just look at my lovely prints that you so expertly captured and they lift my spirits enough to endure the horrible weather we have back here in the UK until I return to the lovely Island of Fuerte again. Keep up the good work,
Jane Fowler

Hi Brian, many thanks for the e-mail. Our parents absolutely loved the picture and they are currently being framed as we speak. They have identified where it shall hang in the lounge on the main chimney breast. As for the pictures I bought, they will have pride of place in my office at work.
Please keep on producing such stunning images and the web-site looks really good too.
best regards and look forward to meeting you again soon

Our beloved photograph has had several homes having moved several other pictures around to give it the justice it deserves. It's currently in our dining room where it looks very good as we pass it on our way into the garden.
Best Wishes
Trevor & Margaret

Hi Brian, Thanks for the e-mail. Yes, the pictures do give us a great deal of pleasure and are one of the reasons why we returned to the island in May and will hopefully be back again in November.
Davie Bowman

Hi Brian Yes thanks we all got home safely!I picked up some rather nice thin black frames from a diy store and the photos look really good in them. You were right about the black frames, they really make the images sing! And they are up on the wall where they should be.
Best Wishes

We bought Mused as a gift for my parents and they loved it as I knew they would and I wanted to say thank you. Not just for the beautiful photography but for the excellent customer service you gave that is sadly lacking in a lot of businesses now. Keep up the good work and all being well we will return to Fuerteventura next year and who knows may well buy one for ourselves!!!
Rachel and Steve

You will be pleased that "Nada Mas" was our only purchase whilst on the Island in May and everyone loves it. Not yet framed but stood on show next to "Harrys Gate". We had a fab week again in May and all being well will arrive at the Sunday market later in the year
Pete and Bern

Hi Brian
Nice meeting you last week.
Many thanks for the photos, which are now framed, and up on my wall - quick, or what? I only got home yesterday morning. My youngest son was thrilled with that extra picture you gave him, which is now framed, and on his bedroom wall. So thanks for doing that for him.
We will pop by and see you on our travels next year.
Best Regards
Chris Walthall

have just been looking at your site and must say its pretty good, not that we want to pan to your ego!!
still have not named the last photo we bought from you but will persevere. Hope all is well with you we miss Fuerteventura.
Dave & Diane Crawley

Many thanks for a great piece of photography which I will continue to enjoy for many years
Best Regards
Tim Melsom